Our Ethos

A warm welcome awaits you at Soul of Norfolk Lodge.


Adventure in Norfolk

We thought it might be nice to give you an idea of how Soul of Norfolk Lodge came into being. After years of travel, living and working in remote and wonderful parts of the world, from The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea to Sierra Leone, Ghana, Uganda and Guyana, we have fallen in love with the simplicity of living outdoors and under canvas, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. We learnt that living outdoors requires more thoughtfulness and awareness and ultimately that by embracing this process we become more resilient human beings and this is, in essence, the ‘soul’ of Norfolk.
The yurt, in particular, provides an experience that is as close to nature as one can get and we are trying to create the type of bush camp experience that we so loved on our travels and that gave us so much pleasure and meaning and we hope to share this spirit with you.
We very much wanted to create a camp that at heart offers a peaceful retreat space that is low in numbers and high in quality experiences. We feel the best way to ensure this is to limit the number of happy yurt people to 2 per yurt
We have left large areas of the meadow uncut and as such the meadow is an ever-changing palette on which nature paints her seasons. Butterflies, moths, buzzards, owls and
foxes often make their way through the camp. We have 8 very friendly cats, 2 daft Labradors & an even dafter pug that may well put in an appearance as well.